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Tricks and Games

Turn your pup into a star. Learn classic and unique tricks such as shake, roll over, take a bow, walk backwards, and more!

Search Games

​Teach your dog to really use his nose.  These hide-n-seek games will really get your pup's mind working. Taught by a search dog K9 handler.

Fun Agility

​Watch your dog soar through the obstacles in this fun and competitive free class.

Snake Avoidance

Keep your dog safe in the field. Teach him to stay away from snakes. We use live non-venomous snakes and gentle yet effective methods. 

Strengthen the relationship with your dog, work his mind, and build his confidence. We offer many exciting classes throughout the year.

Specialty Classes and Events

Laugh with your Dog

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Chicken Camp

​Is that a…..Chicken? 
"Chicken camp" is not a new concept, but this twist on this way of learning is designed to dog trainers, owners, coaches and teachers a new way to teach and learn. The instructors take the students through the theory of learning, and immediately put the concepts to use with the chicken flock. Chickens are very literal and unforgiving, timing a little off – they will let you know! Sally is a member of the Superfit Canine team, and we are proud to partner with her and Fully Involved K9 to bring this valuable course.