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Are you bad at remembering to train or overwhelmed?

Never can seem to get into the habit? 

We have your solution!

All homework and planning are done for you.

Personalized Coaching from a Certified Trainer and Behavior Consultant

You just need 5 minutes twice a day to practice!

Get your dog trained - now!

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Virtual Coaching

Have us visit you through your computer via Zoom sessions.

​If you are unable to have us visit you, or just like the convenience of having a session using computer and video, this is for you!

Does your dog try to eat things off the counter or ground, jump on guests to say hi, pulls on the leash, or just need help with a new puppy or brushing up on basic manners, this is for you!

Have us answer your questions, set you up with training and management, and even coach you and your dog.

PLEASE NOTE! this NOT for dogs and puppies with behavioral issues such as aggression, fear or anxiety.  If your dog lunges, barks, growls, or snaps at people or dogs or acts fearful please book a Behavioral Consultation with us instead.

Train at your own pace in the comfort of your own home!

  • Learn modern effective positive training online developed by the most successful trainers in the world!

  • One-on-one Instructor access for a year. We even watch your videos to perfect your training!

  • Use on any device.

  • No Confusion! Videos and easy instructions for every step.

  • Includes access to our private community of like-minded dog people just like you.

  • Get help, accountability, geek out, and ask questions day or night.

  • Perfect for busy families.

  • Great for dogs who are fearful or cannot be around other dogs and people!

  • Access for a whole year!

  • New content added daily

The most comprehensive yet easy online Dog Coaching!

ONLINE Training