Brain Games

Can your dog read, copy you, see colors? Find out with your dog in this fun, science-filled class!


​​Fun Agility

​Watch your dog soar through the obstacles in this fun and non-competitive class.

*Graduates from our Foundations or Basic Manners or Graduates from The Enlightened Dog Basic Manners Courses 

6 Weeks 

Wednesday, October 25th 7:30 PM - Dogtopia Dulles 

Strengthen the relationship with your dog, work his mind, and build his confidence. We offer many exciting classes throughout the year.

Specialty Classes and Events

Laugh with your Dog

We Offer

Nose Games

Teach your dog how to find things using their nose!  Nose games are excellent for energetic dogs and building confidence in dogs who may have trouble in new environments. Learn this fun game from a Search and Rescue dog handler.

6 Weeks 

Fridays, October 13th at 5:15 PM - Fairfax City

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