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Lead with Fun trains dogs and coaches humans using science based positive only methods.  We are a Force-Free / Fear-Free company. Learning is most effective when setting up training so the learner can be successful.  Rewards are used as payment for the behaviors we want.

Trainer - Heidi Moreau

Heidi is a graduate of CATCH training academy earning the title Certified Dog Trainer (CDT). Heidi began training dogs at her local shelter while volunteering. Many of the dogs became better candidates for adoptions simply by teaching them a few basic obedience skills. She realized how rewarding it is to help dogs and dog owners and wanted to do more.

Heidi also works at White Oak Animal Hospital Training Center training dogs and managing dog play in Stafford County.  

Heidi has two rescue dogs of her own, Autumn, a Staffordshire/Bulldog mix and Meeko, a through and through mutt. She is a voracious learner; learning as much as there is about dog training by attending workshops, seminars, classes and shadowing experienced trainers.

Heidi loves taking her dog Meeko to dog sport classes. Her goal is to compete at Rally trials soon. She keeps Autumn busy with fun Nosework games and teaching her tricks such as spin, kiss and other fun tricks she can show off. Heidi also takes her dogs on regular hikes in the Shenandoah mountains, National Forests and different parks in the area to keep her pups exercised and happy. Heidi never misses a training opportunity with her own dogs, it is part of her daily routine to add just a few minutes of training to maintain what her dogs have learned.

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Class Assistant - Miran Kim

Miran has worked with SPCA helping dogs become adopted and also runs an excellent pet sitting service. 

Miran graduated from Animal Behavior Academy's dog training course, completing her apprenticeship with Lead With Fun.  After her apprenticeship was over, she continued to assist in classes. Miran is a an AKC test evaluator and has achieved CGC certification with her adorable dog Toby.  She is incredibly helpful assisting with our dog training classes. She is amazing at knowing what dogs need and you will often find her helping a person or dog in our classes. You likely have seen her amazing creativity with signs and equipment we use in our training space, too. 

Trainer - Jennifer Pennington CDBC, CPDT-KA

Jennifer has been professionally training and caring for dogs and exotic animals for over two decades including as a keeper at Busch Gardens - Tampa, Curator at International American Rattlesnake Museum, Staff trainer and Dog specialist at Dogtopia, and curator/educator at Reptiles Alive! in Fairfax, VA. 

She uses positive rewards to train dogs, birds, mammals, and reptiles. Jennifer even trained crocodiles! Jennifer has a BS in biology from the University of New Mexico. She is a certified dog behavior consultant through IAABC. She holds a dog training certification from Animal Behavior College and is independently certified as Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CCPDT). Jennifer speaks about dog bite safety, dog training, low-stress handling, and more 
throughout the state.

Jennifer was an operational dog trainer/handler with the oldest and largest search and rescue organization on the east coast. She trains three Belgian Malinois dogs, Grom, Burya, and Molniya.

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