Family Dog - 6 Sessions In your Home

For families with young dogs and children


Family Dog is the first online and private in-home dog training program designed specifically for families. It’s a step–by–step plan that tells you everything you need to know to get your pup and the WHOLE family on the same page. It’s packed with videos, downloads and tools to help you turn it all into a reality.

 Group Classes

Puppyhood got you chasing your tail? Our unique classes will give your puppy a great start to becoming your best friend.

No More Bite Marks!
No More Destroyed Shoes or Furniture!
No More Potty Accidents!
Prevent fear and aggression.

Have a puppy turn into a well-behaved adult who is polite, makes good decisions, and is a joy to be around. 

$195 for 6 classes - Rolling admission start now Spots fill up very fast!

For Puppies Age 9-14 Weeks at start of class. Older puppies take Foundations.

Puppy Training

Puppy Primer 1

For Healthy Puppies ages 9-14 Weeks in age at start date.

Saturday Morning Chantilly

Saturdays @ 9 AM - Rolling Admission

Weber's Pet Supermarket In Chantilly 

Tuesday Evenings Herndon

Tuesdays @ 7 PM - Rolling Admission

Franklin Farm Vet Clinic - Herndon


Puppies and dogs over 14 weeks.

Prerequisite for all other classes!

Friday October 8th @ 7:30PM

Saturday October 9th @ 9AM

(4 weeks)

Chantilly Weber's Pet Supermarket

Family Dog is available in packages of 6.  Right now this is only available for puppies under 7 months of age.

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  • Puppy Orientation 1 - How Puppies Learn12:31
  • Puppy Orientation 2 - Clicker3:29
  • Puppy Orientation 3 - Biting7:34
  • Puppy Orientation 4 - Socialization12:31
  • Puppy Orientation 5 House Training13:20
  • Puppy Orientation 6 - Chewing3:51
  • Puppy Orientation 7 - Exercise5:25
  • Puppy Orientation 8 - Say Please4:03
  • Puppy Orientation 9 - What to Bring6:02